25 Sep

More ruddy cyclists!

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Monday 25th September 2017

As a motorist and ardent petrolhead, I understand how frustrating sharing our roads with cyclists can be. As a cycling commuter, I see the other side of this. Beyond the frustration, lies a truth, and it’s a truth that many car enthusiasts will struggle with.

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8 Dec

Steven finds time for Amazon Prime

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Thursday 8th December 2016

Good news! There is now a use for Amazon Prime instant video. The Thomson family cannot be alone in being suckered into signing up for Amazon Prime amid a frantic last-minute festive flurry.

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8 Sep

Piss-up in a brewery

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Thursday 8th September 2016

​Steven arranged a piss-up in a brewery last weekend. Well, it wasn't quite a piss-up but four beers were consumed in the space of two-and-a-half hours, whilst 80 litres of something approximating IPA was brewed.

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7 Apr

Night at the Museum

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Thursday 7th April 2016

A couple of hours being inspired at the National Museum as part of our monthly outings. An amazing place – and all free, right on our doorstep! Steven and Liam tried chatting with some Early People.

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25 Feb

Good ol’ boys

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Thursday 25th February 2016

Steven was pleased to find that his sons enjoy the same entertainment he did when he was a wee boy. The male Thomsons have been glued to series 3 of the Dukes of Hazzard since the brown Amazon pack fell through the letterbox last week.

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14 Dec

Old kid on the blocks

  • By: Steven
  • Posted: Monday 14th December 2015

Steven celebrated his 40th Birthday last week. They used to say that life began at forty and it was the classic age for the fabled midlife crisis. But since Jules is already having one, I guess Steven is to be denied this pleasure too.

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